Current trends and research shows that the most effective way to market your products and services online is by providing your clients substantial amount of information about it. And the best way to provide information to clients is to present it through videos. We have listed the best video marketing services that you can avail from us below.



For clients who want to try video marketing but don't have a video made yet for their product and services, we offer a video creation package at a very affordable price. You can oversee the video creation process from planning to the actual video production. You can freely share your input in order for us to achieve a great video output for you.

Your involvement in this service is very beneficial in order for us to create a very effective video output that matches your offerings. Once a substantial amount of information is obtained from you about the video our dedicated team together with our top of the line equipment produces your video based on the current video creation trend in the market and using the latest software. Despite following the video marketing trend in the market, you can be assured that your video output would stand out from the crowd. Our in-house marketing experts are always available to oversee the creation of the videos to make sure that each second would will help you close the deal with your clients or gives you more profit.



Video SEO is the process of properly tagging and optimizing your existing online videos from your personal website to social networking sites. Nowadays a lot of customer rely on the internet to search for business and services and that is why a good and well optimized video would help you get more clients.

If your website and videos are properly optimized the chance of you getting more customers than your competitors are higher. Our expert video SEO team cannot only help you optimize your online video but also make it appear on top of every search engines. Video SEO services are designed for customers who already have a video online. Don’t yet have a video produced? Learn about our video creation services. Above are just a few of the many benefits on why your business should have a video SEO strategy.



For clients who already have a ready-made video, ABF Media offers a video distribution service on up to 15 online video portals and social media networks.

If you are looking to reach new targets, increase your business reach and add new customers with your existing videos this is the best option for you to avail. Our expert video marketing team can help you achieve all three points at a very affordable price. If you don’t have a video yet, read more about our video marketing creation service. There are many reasons why your business should have a video distribution strategy.



YouTube is undeniably the most popular video streaming platform today. With over 70% of consumers each month view YouTube videos, the potential clients for your business and services are endless.

YouTube is a great way for businesses to reach their target audience anywhere and anytime. However, despite it being flooded with a lot of viewers you still need to have your videos properly optimized, since it is the number one video streaming site it would mean that competitions are very tough. But with our YouTube Marketing team experts we can provides you with a cost effective way of targeting your exact audience on. Our YouTube marketing services also allows you to promote your existing videos and match it to your target audience. Don’t yet have a video produced? Learn about our video marketing creation service.


Video marketing is one of the most effective way in marketing your products, reaching new audience and building your list today. Recent study shows that customers are likely to purchase a product or make transactions with companies if they have a credible and detailed video presentation. Having a well-structured video marketing strategy gives you an edge over other competitors, and ABF Media provides just that. Among the benefits of our video marketing campaigns are:

  • An eye catching and attention grabbing way to sell your products to clients, providing them substantial information while keeping them entertained.
  • Videos help sell products more effectively than traditional graphics and texts approach, it is more concise and should not take a lot of time from the customers. You get to provide them information necessary to market your product on a limited amount of time.
  • According to study, a video search result is 53 times more effective in getting a top rank search result in Google.And more customers opt to check on video search results than regular webpages.
  • A well-distributed and marketed video has tremendous reach. You can set a target audience for your campaigns and you will also be able to target certain regions easily.

What You Willl Get With Our Video Marketing Campaign

We provide our customers with the best deals possible every time they choose ABF Media to do their video marketing campaigns. Out video marketing solutions are one of the best and tested in the industry today. A great deal pricing and even greater results makes us the primary choice of online and marketing consultants, businesses and entrepreneurs anywhere.


We offer high quality video output and video marketing services at a very reasonable price anyone ca afford


We ensure quality service and high professional outputs to each of our clients making them very satisfied after every transaction with us


Hundreds of our satisfied clients can speak about how efficient and effective the services that we have provided to them, assuring you that we get the job done and more


We provide online video distribution and help our clients gain audience through proper optimization of each uploaded video


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Increase your traffic through effective YouTube marketing and achieve a wider audience for your products and services

Our Packages



    1 Video Production

    With Your Company Logo, Name & Contact Information, Text Intro and Strong Call To Action Ending

    Video Distribution To YouTube Video Network

  • Gold


    Include All Items In BRONZE Plan

    1 Logo Animation + 1 Intro Animation + 1 Outro Animation

    Two Extra Video Distributions To Vimeo Video Network + DailyMotion Video Network = More Exposure Of Your Video On The Internet

    YouTude SEO Services = Make Your Video Found in High Goolge Search Results

  • Silver


    Add Animation Video To 1 Of Your Existing Video Including 1 Logo + 1 Intro + 1 Outro Animation

    Distribution To YouTube + Vimeo + DailyMotion Video Network = More Exposure Of Your Video On The Internet

    Youtude SEO Services = Make Your Video Found in High Goolge Search Results